Monday, June 13, 2011

My Personal Trainer

Well, I finally did it. I decided to hire a personal trainer. I don't think there is anyone in the Universe that dislikes exercises as much as I do. There isn't anything I like about it at all. I know everyone says, "oh but you feel so good afterwards" - not me. I just feel sweaty and tired. The extent of my enjoyment of exercise consists of a nice long walk on the seawall or an easy hike through the rainforest. Nothing that exerts too much energy. But I also know as I get older it is very important to stay fit, keep your bones strong and be flexible. I have tried time and time again to start exercise regimes only to give up after a week or two when I got busy or something came up. It is far easier to stop a routine than it is to start and stick to one!

Another reason I have been reluctant to hire a personal trainer is the cost. I often think I can't afford something that I would like when in reality I can afford it if I make some small changes in my life. Giving up a Starbucks latte every day and bringing my lunch a couple of days a week (which is also much healthier but we'll save that for another blog), and I have my trainer paid for two days a week. Stop and think about how much money you spend on the luxuries in your life, whether it is on a manicure, facial, botox, massage or that nice bottle of wine - it all adds up. A few minor adjustments and a personal trainer fits in my budget no problem.

I did some research on boot camps, gyms and rec centers and decided for my lifestyle and schedule, a personal trainer that could come to me would work best. I opted to try as they are nearby and I knew Caroline personally. I knew that she would push me when I needed to get pushed yet also be understanding to my weaknesses. I was wrong. She doesn't care at all about my weaknesses cause she knows they are only in my head! She pushes me exactly how I need to be pushed - not overdoing it and making me feel like I accomplished something major when all I really did was finish my reps. She's been a great motivator for me as she is a working mom just like me. It makes things a little bit easier when your trainer understands how difficult it is to find the time for yourself.

We are fortunate to live in a beautiful area with parks and outdoor spaces all around us. Some days we do our class outside, other days in the gym. I am starting week two of training with Caroline, just two days a week but I also go for my walks or do some free weights on my days I don't work out with her. I almost look forward to my training days and I always look forward to spending time with Caroline and for the first time I actually feel great afterwards. That's a definite step in the right direction for me!

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